Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier (Oct 6, 1887 – Aug 27, 1965), was master architect of 20th centuary and the one who designed of city of Chandigarh.College of Architecture IET Bhaddal celebrates 6 Oct 2014 as" Le Corbusier day" in his memory by specially remembering and giving a meditative look to his works by both faculty and students. Chandigarh appeared on tentative list of modern heritage on the list of World heritage and further efforts are on to get status in future.

  we celebrate LE CORBUSIER DAY
29 B.Tech & 9 B.Arch Merit Positions Scored by Bhaddal Institutes: Bhaddal Institute have emerged again as Best Engineering College, with credit of acquiring a large number of University positions (PTU Jalandhar) during Nov. 2013 End Semesters Examinations. The Chairperson and Members of the Management express their happiness on above achievements and congratulate all faculty and students – for contributing to grand results for sustained academic excellence   Merit Positions Scored by Students of Bhaddal Institutes

Bhaddal Institutes is celebrating “Swachh Bharat Saptah” on 01st October, 2014 from 10:00AM to 11:00AM. This “Swachh Bharat Saptah” is being celebrated to achieve high level of cleanliness across the technical campus through NSS volunteers’ participation to celebrate 150th birthday anniversary of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi

  Swach Bharat Saptah

One Day Workshop on Automation in Mechanical Systems using Mechatronics: With the rapid increase of technology we all are updating ourselves from time to time. This is not the world of Mechanics or Electronics but Mechatronics which has been proved by the mission accomplishment of Mars with the sucessful installation of MOM into Mars Orbit. The achivement conculdes how much essential Mechatronics is, Bhaddal Institutes the Best Engineering College of Punjab invites all to this workshop on 1st Oct 2014

  automation in mechanical systems using mechatronics

Kontakt, quarterly newsletter has fun & fascinating articles on the events in and around Bhaddal Institutes. The newsletter is managed by an Editorial Board from the Faculty of various Departments. Kontakt

Good Morning IET Bhaddal is a daily feature at Bhaddal Institutes. IT has latest tech news, humour, health tips, quotations & sayings along with information of activities at IET Bhaddal Technical Campus.

  Good Morning IET Bhaddal
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